Prepare Yourself for Dan Brown's Next Novel!

For millions of Da Vinci Code fans, Dan Brown's next book-announced as The Solomon Key-cannot come soon enough. As the world awaits its release, investigative journalist David A. Shugarts prepares audiences for Brown's forthcoming opus. Inside you'll find a fascinating and largely hidden corner of American history-and a shocking trail of characters, codes, and facts likely to be brought to life in the forthcoming novel. Instead of asking what is fact and what is fiction after reading Brown's next book, those who read Secrets of the Widow's Son will have the unique opportunity to learn the history and circumstances of Brown's novel before it hits the shelves.

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U.S. News & World Report Sept. 5, 2005
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What They're Saying . . .

"I don't handle non-fiction - and only mystery in the fiction field; however, since this is a book which explains much of the background behind Dan Brown's enormously successful 'The DaVinci Code' I'm making this one exception . . .

. . . For any fan of Dan Brown - and they now number in the millions - Secrets of the Widow's Son is not to be missed."

Allan Paul Curtis

"For readers fascinated by Dan Brown's works (and curious about the successor to the Da Vinci Code), this book will increase their pleasure--and add to their understanding of the facts behind the fiction."

Steven C. Bullock
Professor of History
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Author, Revolutionary Brotherhood
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